35 Years After the Fall of Saigon
A Photographic Narrative

By Mark Zannoni

ISBN: 978-1-8897-4817-7 (Hardcover) Released Sept 2014
ISBN: 978-1-8897-4818-4  (E-Book)     Released  Jan 2015


Released in September, 2014, Vietnam: 35 Years After the Fall of Saigon, A Photographic Narrative by Mark Zannoni, provides a multidisciplinary insight into contemporary Vietnam from the perspective of the war, documenting the current and enduring remnants of war, peace and reconciliation, US-Vietnam diplomacy, and the social and economic development of post-war Vietnam. Through eight chapters of color images, the book presents Vietnam at this unique moment when the legacy of conflict is giving way to a renewed economic and social order. 

The legacy of the Vietnam War in America is well documented. But before this book, little existed on the topic as a comprehensive work as it relates to Vietnam itself. This book represents an American perspective of the Vietnam War from within Vietnam today, providing new data and insight through the medium of images to document contemporary Vietnam. The book allows the reader an actual view into the story of modern Vietnam, depicting both Vietnam the country and the Vietnam War. Read more